Probably the finest reusable protective mask in the world

Ordinary masks filter dust and dirt, but they can fail in filtering out small pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Fine Guard provides you and your family not only with N95 grade filteration, but has on-top the patented and certified LIVINGUARD® Technology that actually sterilizes the air that passes through the mask. This means the air you are breathing through FineGuard is as "clean as Swiss air"! 

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LIVINGUARD® is truly a breakthrough! Protected by over a dozen patents, LIVINGUARD® uses a novel approach of neutralizing bacteria and viruses on a molecular level.

FG N95 Face Mask

FG Comfort Face Mask

TGA Approved Class 1

The comfortable, resuable, washable Face Mask.


All face masks can help prevent infection, some better than others. Basic textile masks provide high levels of comfort yet can be poor at filtration of the air one breathes through it. High filtration masks like N95 provide for better protection, yet can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. And let’s face it: if you are constantly touching your mask and face, making adjustments, and even removing the mask for periods of time, this can defeat the purpose of the mask! It’s a dilemma, and one we solve with Fine Guard Comfort.

We blended together an incredibly comfortable mask that also protects you and your family, utilizing the germ-killing Livinguard Technology; so that you are always protected in a state of comfort. 



  • Reusable for up to 2 years and washable 30 times with hand soap & cold water with superior infection prevention for every use

  • Equipped with adjustable straps for a customized fit for adults of all ages

  • Made of comfortable, soft material equipped for prolonged use

  • Each box contains 1 Mask

  • Available in 2 sizes:

    • Large

    • Medium

Mask Care

Always prior to use 

  • Ensure the integrity of the mask material 

  • Seating of the valve 

  • The seal around your face

  • Ensure both straps are intact and adjusted accordingly 


This checklist to be completed prior to every use and after each wash 

See the below video for simple steps to reseat the valve

Frequently asked questions



Using FineGuard is easy! Just orientate the mask to the front of your face, with the logo facing outwards. Make sure the nose clip is on the top, resting comfortably on your nose, and adjust this by pressing it together to form a tight seal. Stretch the elastic bands around your ears fully so the mask remains snugly in-place. And you are ready to go!


Finding Fine Guard is a bit too big for your face and ears? No worries! There is a simple fix. Simply tie a knot in the elastic on each side, which then shortens the length of the elastic. You can adjust the position of the knot to get a perfect fit for you! Just be sure to tie the knot in the same position on both sides to ensure a good fit



Cleaning your Fine Guard mask is easy! All you need to do is wash it gently by hand in cold water. A little bit of soap is ok, but avoid using powerful cleaning agents, such as bleach, which will render the Livinguard Technology (which is impregnated in the mask), ineffective. Allow your Fine Mask to air dry.

It’s hard to say precisely how often one should clean their masks, as it depends on many variables including wear time, sweat rate, and ambient air pollution. As a general rule, the mask should be washed at minimum of 1x per week, assuming regular usage.





The simplest way to think about FineGuard Face Mask, is to think of it as an effective N95 Mask that is “on steroids”. At its core it is an N95 grade Face Mask. But add on top the disinfecting power of Livinguard, and it becomes a super-powerful mask on steroids!


After 30 washes, the LIVINGUARD® technology begins to degrade in performance. We have tested up to 50 washes and found the potency for disinfection to still be quite strong, but to be safe we are saying “30 washes”. What happens then is, Fine Guard loses the “steroid” effect and yet remains a very effective, normal N95 Mask! Which can be used with confidence of providing basic N95 level of protection for years to come!



The best way to evaluate costs of a mask is to look at cost per use. Typically, buying disposable masks, whilst being low in cash outlay, represent poor value for users. You have to change the mask daily and throw the old one away. Maybe you only pay $0.05/mask, but this adds up with daily usage. This isn’t exactly eco-friendly to be tossing disposable masks into our landfills by the millions everyday!


Fine Guard is a reusable mask that can give you several years of service. With this, Fine Guard can cost as little as $0.02/day to use. 2 Cents per day! Well worth it for your peace of mind!


How do I know what size to select?

Fine Guard comes in 2 sizes L & M. Large is suitable for adults and Medium is recommended for teens and children. Also know that Fine Guard has an adjustable bands around the ears so you can comfortably adjust the size.


Can Fine Guard be worn with glasses?

The mask sits right below the top part of the nasal bone so you can comfortably wear the mask with glasses.  


Does the valve need to be cleaned and is it replaceable?

The valve will be cleaned during the handwashing process and you do not need to do any additional cleaning. The valve is not replaceable and if damaged (over-used), you will need to replace the mask.


What is N95 grade protection?

An N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.

© 2014 by M4 MEDICAL PTY LTD. 

© 2014 by M4 Medical PTY Ltd. 

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